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Reviews for "Oxy"

Simple, clever, challenging, witty and involving! Great work! One critique though - if you are going to put in multiple endings put in a reset / return to menu button!!!

5 Stars dude!

hbocao responds:

Thanks, man! Yeah, that's is a good idea. Last minute decisions are a pain. hehe Thanks for the tip.

I liked this game. Well presented, simple and enjoyeable. Make more like this.

I recommend.

hbocao responds:


Nice graphics considering the time of contest. I am not really sure if the game itself involves the topic.

hbocao responds:

Thanks! When you let Dave free, he only has 10 seconds of air. When you run out of oxygen, you have 10 seconds of air too. :) My goal was to try not to be too literal.

A criminally intense thriller.

The Oxygen levels are especially ingenious. You really do have just baaaaarely enough time to get yourself out of there, and it's almost impossible to do it with Dave still alive. It's just a great application of organic choices.

However... uh, after my fifth try, I finally got Dave to safety... but the epilogue still said that I lost him on the way. What?

Also, I'm shocked to say that I'd actually prefer some overdone minimalist Atari graphics over what we were given here; or at least, a much darker backdrop to match the heavy and desperate theme.

hbocao responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah... Dave wasn't supposed to survive. hehe This version is a MUCH easier version than the original and I was afraid that this would happen. :( Sorry for that and thanks for your time ;)

I'm not sure how you're supposed to make it through the game, but you didn't do bad.

hbocao responds:

Thanks for the feedback, man. You must activate the buttons at the same time. So you must position Dave, let him go and then go over another button. Thanks again!