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Reviews for "Gaysby"

all throughout gatsby toby maguire's character gave off a gay vibe.

Haha the gags were hilarious in this one man.
Not my favorite from you, but it did get me laughing.
The little audio ditty in the background made this XD
Anyone who thinks you're ripping off Oney's style hasn't seen your chops in some of your older submissions. I'd say you know how to rock your own comedic vibe.
I'll be on the look out for your next one!

For people that don't understand any of this:
-Toby Maguire plays Spiderman in the first films.
-Leonardo Dicaprio plays in the film Titanic.
-Maguire and Dicaprio play in the film Gatsby, and this concludes the title: "Gaysby"...
Your welcome if this helped! :)

Though I may not have ever watched The Great Gatsby due to dis-interest in Dicaprio's works (especially with Titianic), even though I fuckin' loved him in Django, I just didn't have a good feeling with this one. Now after watching this "parody" I now have a good idea what the hell this is about. I'm pretty sure the movie went just like this, knowing Dicaprio.

I had to play this thing about 10 times before it dawned on me that I really was seeing a spider with an enormous cock. Amazing.