Reviews for "Brawlin' Sailor"

I love everything about this game, it's quite unique and it's nicely executed. :)

Great game with a great message. At least he got the dog. (which is way better in my opinion) It was fun to play and the drawings are hilarious. (in a good way) I loved it!

At first I thought it's something boring and pointless, till I finished the first half and realized the whole "dream versus reality" point. Since the idea was so nicely executed, this deserves a 5/5! Including the the two real endings you can choose between. Well played.

Easy, but fun gameplay, great story and a fun twist. What more could you want?

The gameplay was awesome! Amazing, cool game overall! Seems like something that would happen to me...daydreaming about something extraordinary happening to me, then I snap back into reality...but then I think well maybe whatever it is can still can be possible, but it never turns out close to the way I imagine and hope for. Usually turns out being full of nothing but huge disappointments.