Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

Even better than the first!

Thanks to you the last week of "work" was actually fun, specially when you have no jobs pending and are just sitting doing nothing!

Amazing game, really addictive. The last levels were a bit difficult to 3 stars, but thats where the fun is at! A lot of RNG to get lucky with coins or sodas.

Looks alot like Takeover.
You guys work together alot?

IriySoft responds:

Yes, we are a game dev studio which made both games (as well as a lot of other games). Meaning we work together in the office a lot... All the time actually... ^)

I love how you're the orcs, instead of the humans.
I cannot state this enough. I love this game for all the right reasons.

Absolutely LOVED this game. Took me a few weeks to beat it perfectly. Gave it a 5 everyday I played :)