Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

Yet again IriySoft doesn't disappoint.
After Cursed Treasure, IMO the best Tower Defense around, here comes Cursed Treasure 2, even better.
Well polished and stunning graphics, music loop always the same yet not tiring, and a system that will keep you addicted for.... ever really.
Many hours worth of content and endless hours in re-playability.
A skill system that is simply perfect and now they even added the needed free respec.
And if you are a completionist, you'll have your challenges, and the night mode is just an amazing and difficult idea.
Very different levels and enemies, with even buildings and the like, it's just flawless.
Congratulations and thanks once again IriySoft <3

P.S. The only missing thing is the shift hotkey to repeat stuff like in Cursed Treasure 1

this needs to be an app :D would love it on the Andriod

Perfect. Had a lot of fun with this one.
Tho I think it's pretty impossible to get brilliant with the pirate divers.. and those damn monkey.

I love this game! So addictive!

Perhaps the best tower defense game ever made. :)