Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

i took great personal joy in Peter Paul and Mary-ing their ass. i loved the first one, and I certainly love this new and shinier sequel. It's ALMOST too busy, but it manages to strike that special balance.

I like it! Cant stop playing! (Only played up to level 12 so far)
Pros: The skill trees and trying to get 3-star on every level, make it very addicting. I like the artwork and the various enemies and although I hate loosing a gem to them, the evil laugh makes me smile every time.
Cons: I don't think the Night-time levels are really anymore challenging. At least not yet.

Awesome, got all badges

Awesome game. A new spin on a classic genre.

It's a great game, but there's one major nuisance. When you're forced to pick up things, like the Templar swords during the High Priest battle, and these items are dropped behind other items, such as scrolls, you're forced to pick up the scrolls to get to the mandatory items. This feels wrong to me, and I hope there is a future fix for that problem.