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Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

I absolutely love this game! Holy crap is it addictive!
I found it to be a little easy at first but after 4 hours flew by and losing a lot of sleep I couldnt wait to get back on and play.

First of all the graphics are smooth, sound is really good but the best part I found was the originality of this game. I love TD games and this one by far is one of the top fives.

I love that you can come back and replay a level at night, how cool is that?..... I could go on and on about the stuff I liked, especially the journal that keeps track of your upgrades and sieging of towns while you play. Almost like Takeover.

Crazy love this game!!

IriySoft responds:

Thanks! %) We are really glad to read comments like this because we got a lot of heavy criticism about this game.

I like this game. I wish it had the option to lower the quality of the graphics though. It can get lag or even freeze in slow computers, specially at night mode.
Also I wish I could save my progress on one computer and load it into another. So that I can continue a game elsewhere.

I like this game! It`s very addictive and interesting.

I liked the predecessor of this game very much and this is just as awesome!
Really keeps me addicted for a long time now, the night levels are a nice way to recycle maps but also add a new twist to the game!
Also I'm working on the "Brilliant ..." Badges, this is also a nice way to bind players to the game.

...don't you justlove it when they scream in terror and run the wrong way? mwahahahahaaaaa! ]:->

Brilliantly done!