Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

this is one of the best games evar :) pleas make more of this so much better than kingdom rush :)

Loved the first one, and love this one.

There is a grammar mistake though, in the skills tree for the orcs main upgrade it says "Decreased the recharge time of the all towers by 0,5% per each skill point spent on Orc skills" Note how it says "the recharge time of the all towers" instead of "the recharge time of all the towers"

So, how exactly do I win this game? Am I also expected to complete all night levels in order to get a end scene or what?

Also, great game!

IriySoft responds:

Mmm... There is no ending... We were adding level packs and didn't know when we are going to stop %))

Not your average defender game, I usually find these games boring, but this one gets the idea correctly.

Fun and funny!

Keep up the great work!