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Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

This is by far the best tower defense game I've played; a genre which is otherwise not exactly my cup of tea. I really like the many different skills and level layouts and I find the progression rate reasonably balanced, which is crucial to an enjoyable playing experience (i.e. grinding necessary kept to a minimum). I do think that the theme of each land could be more distinct from each other, maybe in terms more enemies being particular to one land and different theme music, which would also bestow more variety on the game, dunno. Other than that I am really enjoying the game. Highly addictive!

Kudos for the good work, guys - keep it up!

Even as a guy that generally can't stand tower defense games, I enjoyed this one. I mean, it's still a tower defense game, so it's still not quite my cup of tea, but at least this one is different enough that I can easily play it without getting bored after a few minutes. It's just a whole lot more active than a lot of the regular tower defense games, where all you do is build a maze, or set up your towers, upgrade them, and press go.

The design team took what they had before and built off it, keeping the same game,feel, and nostalgia factor and then making it better.

Such a great game! their is not anything I can say that others haven't already praised tenfold.


The best tower defense game I've ever played! Congrats!

Easily my favourite game on Newgrounds. Love the mechanics, the level system, the enemies, the towers, just everything really. Can't wait for Cursed Treasure 3... hint, hint.