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Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

I've been playing this game for waaay too long and I am still am trying to triple star each mission. Haven't played the first one yet but I can see why it was worthy enough to gain a sequel. There is a lot of content in this game, for a free game it is nice to be able to enjoy replaying it. Great work.

+ Amazing new artstyle, UI and overall graphics!
+ Story and lore, with lots of cool flavor text.
+ Evilopedia with lots of information about enemies, buildings etc.
+ Pop-up tutorials, and information about new buildings and enemies.
+ Fun new gameplay elements like seizing various buildings, and collecting randomly dropped items.
+ Very creative and fun "Night Mode".
+ A lot more polished gameplay than already great CT1, and overall a lot more fun! :)
+ Great sense of progression with new and improved skill tree.
+ A lot of Badges and Newgrounds Medals to earn.
None, I can't really think of any!

I've already said that personally I felt like Cursed Treasure 1 was one of the best tower defense games, but with Cursed Treasure 2 there's no doubt that objectively it's one of the best tower defense games of all time! I highly recommend playing it.

I hope you guys will keep expanding the franchise. :)

I loved it more than the previous games specially because of the change in art style and mechanics seem to work smoothly, though I have to lower quality the hard way since there is no quality button for graphics. it's weird how level 20 is the hardest of all and 21 was incredibly easy in comparison. I have yet to 3 star it at all in days for the last 2 medals I need XD anyways good game. I hope to see and play more of these in the future.

An improvement over the original. I like the more colorful layout as opposed to the last game. It may be another tower defense game but what the hell

Absolutely LOVED this game. Took me a few weeks to beat it perfectly. Gave it a 5 everyday I played :)