Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

Easily my favourite game on Newgrounds. Love the mechanics, the level system, the enemies, the towers, just everything really. Can't wait for Cursed Treasure 3... hint, hint.

I like this game so much. It is awesome tower defense game and fun. The only problem that I am facing is the save issue, I don't see my old save file from the day before.

I like the game, but the medal system seems to be broken. I get the badges within the game , but I can't seem to trigger them in newgrounds. I don't believe this is your fault, but I still wish it was fixed somehow. That's really my only gripe. The game, as far as tower defense games go, is pretty darn solid. Cheers.

It's a great game, but there's one major nuisance. When you're forced to pick up things, like the Templar swords during the High Priest battle, and these items are dropped behind other items, such as scrolls, you're forced to pick up the scrolls to get to the mandatory items. This feels wrong to me, and I hope there is a future fix for that problem.

just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha