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Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

imo, if you quit a stage, you shouldn't get XP for that. and tbh you shouldn't even get XP for doing a stage over. you should only get XP if you get another star on the level. ya know? cuz otherwise you can just grind levels and fuck the game up.

u can't like speed run or try to "high score" the game legitimately since grinding is possible.

Can't get tired of this game!

Though I am not a fan of the art style (hurts m' peepers), the gameplay has almost all of the features of the first game and more. You have your base 3 towers along with the skill trees (which, I will admit, look much better in this style) and a respec has been added. The Frenzy Spell has been removed, which is a change I welcome, as it was useless against ninjas and would be in this game, too. The tower upgrade system has been improved, as you can switch to the other variant of tower halfway through (before, if you picked a sniper den, you were stuck with it.) The difficulty seems to have been upped, and I feel that the only flaw I could find in the gameplay is here. It's not that I hate the difficulty, it's just that some of the later levels seem impossible without going back and grinding for xp; you can't go through each level one by one and expect to get anywhere in a decent time.

Never get tired of this one ^_^ And it's curiously cool to play as the Dark Overlord instead of being a hero! Nice game, you guys!

My local saves have disappeared and it won't save anymore since the last update :(