Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

I like this game alot just one thing, those fing ninjas

Not your average defender game, I usually find these games boring, but this one gets the idea correctly.

Every badge obtained, including the ones for completing all missions at 'brilliant' standard, and not even a congratulatory message?
*sigh* at least this monkey's finally off my back


great game, even better fixes. I could easily spend several hours on this game. however, I wont because while there are save slots, my progress is never actually saved no matter what I do. and I'm sorry but this otherwise very fun and well done game is pretty much killed for me if I cant revisit my progress at a later time and pick it back up. as someone who cant spend all day or night on one game, a working save function counts for a lot! it counts just as much as solid gameplay and artistic style. but when I come back to a fun game and see that all of my progress is gone, I really dont want to pick it back up again just to do the same stages over again just to gain levels that I already had. especially so when any progress that I wind up re-doing wont be saved and I'll have to just repeat that again and again, etc.

TL;DR - this is a fun game! and you should play it. solid mechanics, decent challenges and a clever level-up system that keeps up with the challenges of going farther in the game. but be sure you have the time to invest in it because you might not keep any progress that you make if you come back to it another day.