Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

this game is da best boya

maybe the best tower defense game i played so far. only one word can describe this little gem you made here: EXCELLENT!
so simple made yet so effective with the only 3 different towers but so many variations for the 3 different towers. to keep that balanced is a harder work than most think of!
congrats from me :)

only little complaint i have is that the last tower "shattering crypt" is a bit weak compared to other towers, especially 'cause his most effective weapon "fear" changes from 20% to 15% :/, while the "ice crypt" can even freeze an enemy completely while only having a bit less damagouttake.

2 bugs i found: if keep having double speed, the sound turns off for some seconds
also if you keep having double speed the manapoints you get from the mana-cave looks a bit bugged => background of the outcoming manapoints turns white.

other than that, perfect game so far (im still not at the end...) 5/5

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. You got me coming back constantly trying to get everything, almost makes me afraid of fully completing the game, cause then I wouldn't know what to do. Again, simply fantastic

Nice looking game. Valar Morghulis.

Trade Mewtwo PTD1