Reviews for "Tank 1943"

This is class.
I'm amazed you got such a cool game made in stencyl.
This is class

shotfrost responds:

I really appriciate your reply.

Nice game. I love the shooting and UI. Pretty nice weapon system. Though the game loads a little bit slow and the sound is not very cool.

shotfrost responds:

Thanks for your reply. I definitely wil work with the sound.

If you got lags: Chrome is maybe the issue. I tried with Chrome: Lags. Tried with Firefox - no lags. I think, it's Pepper Flash in Chrome, that is lagging you. To the game: Pretty hard sometimes, but nice :).

It is not possible to select 7-th campaign mission, after I replayed a mission Nazis become Allies though it should not be. The game is buggy, you can go through the non-existent map corners and see enemies on the radar then you go deeper... that's the "Arnhem Bridge" funny how it works. Still Nice.

shotfrost responds:

Thanks for your reply!
^^ I guess you don't read the story. The story will explain it all. And I think you got to play the first campaign "prologue" one more time to unlock the last campaign.

Nice! Good UI, pretty good sound but a little bit short of weapon.
And the game does not run very fast on my computer.