Reviews for "Tank 1943"

not playable for me, whenever i try to shoot an enemy the game kinda laggs REALLY hard.

shotfrost responds:

Thanks for the reply.
I think it is due to the performance of your computer. This game actually requires a pretty high performance computer to function well.
But the fact is it's lag even when just shooting seems quite rare. I have never seen any computer with such problems, even one computer from 2002.

I spent a little over half an hour playing this, I found myself doing the first two stages over and over again to try to upgrade. I found that the text was hard to read most of the time and i had some trouble with the wepoin set up it is not internally clear how you switch guns mid battle. ultimately your game runs well and i would like to see what happens next. im going to play a bit longer and see if i can come to understand your game better. thank you and have a good day.

shotfrost responds:

With the switch there is an instruction in the game. Or you can just press Q/E to see current available weapons and press number 1/2/3/4/5 in according to its position to chose the weapon.
The system is a little bit hard to get use to at first but I think it is not too difficult to master.

Nice game, still has a lot of place to fix and improve, but a nice game overall. It's has a lot of protential so I'm looking forward for more :)

Nice! Good UI, pretty good sound but a little bit short of weapon.
And the game does not run very fast on my computer.

Nice game. I love the shooting and UI. Pretty nice weapon system. Though the game loads a little bit slow and the sound is not very cool.

shotfrost responds:

Thanks for your reply. I definitely wil work with the sound.