Reviews for "Khuskan - On My Own (Orch.)"



Geez. Nice and soft. I can see a lady giving birth. The baby is nice and perfect. They go to Wal-Mart to go buy him some nice and soft baby clothes.

The production itself is nice. I can tell this was made in Reason ,anyways, I can't criticize this type of music. Have fun. Keep making music. It's good.

Khuskan responds:

'I can see a lady giving birth'

This wins my REVIEW OF 2006 AWARD.


I see grandmas unwrapping presents for little grandchildren on a frosty christmas morning.

Then the drums come in..Ok, now the grandpa is pushing along the kid on his new red bicycle! YAY!!

Nice track, you've got some interesting chord progressions in there and the mix is really good and balanced. That's commendable because you do have lots of nice little countermelodies and extra layers in there.

A bit on the 'Hallmark' side, but nice one!

Khuskan responds:

I'm not going to take credit for the actual chord progressions, this is a cover of a track from Les Miserables. As for the countermelodies though... ;-)

Gah, I need to find a new vocalist.