Reviews for "Live Puzzle 2"

if you get 2 puzzle pieces together they will stick. very nice game but very hard and the music didnt get annoying

fair warning: this is hard! very, very hard. the time will consume you. the puzzle pieces have moving things on them. they move alot. its gracious that it shows what the whole puzzle looks like before they're separated; otherwise this would be harder than hard.... brutal. The designs are average, the music is strangely encouraging and the challenge is epic.

lots of fun, I found the hard mode to be crazy hard. I literally spent about 45 minutes to an hour on the last 3! I think you should have put an achievement for scoring as well like get a total amount over a certain score for all of easy, all of normal, all of hard. Thats really the only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because I am an achievement whore and i got over 50k on one of the HARD ones, proud of myself but there isnt a way for me to show it :(.

I completed all the levels on all modes however haven't received all the medals. Cab you help? Good game kept me entertained!