Reviews for "Live Puzzle 2"

awesome animations a little more work and itll be just right

So I noticed you put a limit on how many points you can get in one level. Even if I take less than 20 seconds according to the counter, I always get a nice round 25k and it says I took exactly 20s. I for one, don't think that's very nice of you. Additionally this would imply there being a maximum number of overall points. With 10 levels there should be no one with more than 250k points. Did I miss some way of gaining points or are at least the top 4 players cheating?

Regarding the game itself: The idea is very original and interesting. The execution was nothing remarkable, but not bad either.

The music is ok, though it bored me after a while and I turned it off. The design is rather bland, but good enough. For now I see no need to improve the concept, though some variation would be nice. You might want to experiment with different sizes and shapes for you puzzles, though what you have here is fine for now. One way of adding another layer of difficulty would be making some sort of interactive puzzles. Maybe an object or creature that doesn't jump from one piece to the next unless they are connected. The players' goal might be to win the game without two of those things meeting, or the goal might be to move the creature to a certain place instead of just solving the puzzle.

Nicely done.

gears is easy (level 4) :)

nice how about some more :D