Reviews for "Afterglow (ft Roy)"

Definitely like the drums. Definitely like the vocals.

The lead, however, could probably use some polishing, especially since it's from an older song. Just curious, what VST do you use to make it? Sounds a bit like Sylenth but it's hard to tell.

Either way, another thing would be those vocal chops. I would definitely raise the pitch to a point where it sort of harmonizes with everything else (I forgot what the musical term for that is called), and maybe use some distortion plugins to make them more virtual and choppy. To me, they feel a bit too plain, but hey, that's just me.

Great track, overall. I'd say it's a big step-up from your previous tracks.
Cheers! :D

Geoplex responds:

Hey man! Thanks for the feedback :)

The lead is actually really different from the original (the original uses a highpassed saw with some distortion, this one is a detuned square) but they do sound pretty similar. I wanted a similar sound without sounding the same, but I do think it's perhaps a bit generic. (Oh yeah, it is Sylenth, nicely done :P I used sylenth and massive almost exclusively for this song.)

On the chops, I was actually super happy with them :( but it's possible that they don't match the vocoder effect so well, since they're less "digital" sounding.

Thanks for the review though man, always appreciated!

I really really like this song. It sounds great in every way to me. Awesome job man!

Geoplex responds:


The lyrics are very well mixed and the effects on them aren't too much. The build-up before the drop is great and gets you excited for the drop. The piano partway in is very well intertwined with the synth. There are just the right amount of layers, there isn't too much goin on so that it's just a mess. The piano/keyboard fadeout works brilliantly.

Geoplex responds:

Thank you <3