Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

Is that fire dragon immortal or what?

I'm giving this 5 stars.

I didn't even like the game. Mostly because I also don't like RotMG. Holding down M1, moving around, etc.

However, it's baffling that there are so many retards who don't know how to read. Making a comment forces you to scroll down. Do they not see the majority consisting of people with brains telling whistle blowing morons that they're stupid?

So you get 5 stars for boring the brunt of multiple people who jump at the opportunity to talk trash when they don't know shit.

A great game and an original idea, i don't think the deadlines are a problem, but it does make the game pretty hard, i am one who can't upgrade enough to beat the boss, but the game is fun and rather inovating. You should consider making a big game out of that, without the deadlines and in which you would go around villages, buy equips, face giant dungeons and gauntlets and face gargantuan 8-bit bosses, like a huge adventure, because this game mechanic works well for such kind of game.


this is a really fun game well yay thats it really fun good job