Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

Fun game. Beat it on third attempt (I switched characters every attempt and beta it with the archer on the third try). Game was interesting and had anew twist. The deadline really made me focus on keeping moving instead of worrying about trying to do everything on each level.

I at first thought this was going to be a dungeon crawler type game with a choose your party type situation. I love this game for what it is, but now I kind of hope you make another version that isn't based around the time limit but with the same mechanics haha

I read the description: Interesting, I was not aware that the sprites in this game were created by someone for free user by any developer :)

This game is kinda fun, but I found the boss to be a bit annoying. It was pretty addictive, but I do think 10 seconds is not much time to get things done in (though I get that it had to be that way to fit the theme). And for those of you who think the art is stolen, if you look at the link in the credits, you'll find out that it's actually from a sprite set which, presumably, the creator of this game has bought and therefore has a license to use. I can understand the source of confusion, though.

this game rocks i dont think he stole thr graphics

Very Great game! The objective is simple and the soundtrack is awesome. Keep up the great work.