Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

Absolute waste of time. Only reason this has a full star is because it has decent music. How can you even bother releasing a game with no animations and a terrible menu design?

After playing a few minutes I got "you won", end (???) seriously ?
All the work made to produce a game that is finished in 5 minutes...
Large level, and you have no time to do something, even pick up you money after killing monsters.
This game has a good potential but the concept should be reviewed.

pretty bad
10 seconds is way to less to explore the whole level

and on the boss stage even when you upgrade your weapon to the max and hit the boss constantly it does not die

just so many major design flaws

It has got a nice idea, wich i liked, but i give a half star because really everything except of the game mechanic is copied from Realm of the mad God

Did you just steal the sprites from Legends Of Yore on iOS?