Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

Ahem,for those who not know,actually the characters are not from ROTMG but from sprite pack created by Oryx before ROTMG

Short but sweet?

Simple and fun, could be a bit polished though, maybe a difficulty level which allows you to give or take away time on your deadline.

Gotta love all the idiots spouting copyright on you without even knowing what shared templates are.

Insults to gamers everywhere.

Alrighty, what is there to say about Dungeon Deadline?

This game is a fun little action game that reminds me a lot of a fast paced gauntlet, actually. I had a lot of fun using the different classes, collecting treasures, upgrading. Having very short level/wave time, it is important to make your moves count, which is one of the key factors as to why this game is great.

For those that think this is straight carbon copy of Realm Of The Mad God, you think wrong, having played it myself.

In short, this game is a fast paced deathmatch, no doubt about it.

These sprites were copied of Real of a Mad God!