Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

Amazing game , and even made in 72 hours only! i have played RotMG and i know that you copied those sprites , but the game is incredible , i managed to do it with the archer , the third one i tried , and sincerely the warrior is somewhat unbalanced attacking , i cannot see if he attacks or not , anyways incredible game

A cute little timespender i have to say.It might not be Revolutionary.Or standard by today's means.But its fun and enjoyable.

Great game! I won with the wizard. I couldn't figure out how to attack with the sword though. The archer is ok, but it seems sort of unbalance, in the wizard's favor. I say 4.5, good game but needs balancing. I hope to see another!

I like the basis of the game and all, although it would be better if longer and if they're was a score system. 4.5/5 Awesome game overall.

cool, but ist stolen from RotMG