Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

Dude i loved this game, i found the only having 10 seconds funner than hell, it gave the game a sense of urgency, took off half a star because it was too damn short, you should update and add more bosses and upgrade levels, but good job man.

This is such a fun and epic game!
I love the 16-bit era style music, it fits the game so well. Reminiscent of Golden Axe.
I can only imagine how cool a game like this would be if there weren't a time restraint and the player could take time to explore.
Amazing stuff.
Please make more like it!

A very, very fun game. Probably one of the best Ludum Dare games I've played. Well done!

I do enjoy this game,and to you gamers,it's true.The sprites from Realm Of The Mad God are NOT stolen,as they were made before Rotmg.The gameplay was simple and fun.Simply Fun I guess you can say.I don't care if you use the sprites,I actually support it.The game itself was nice,music and all.Could use a little more animation maybe to enemies or the player (Shooting,Movement,Ect.) It would also be nice if you could of added a bit more characters,Oryx or not by Oryx.Enough of my shit,lets get to the real stuff!
The game was great! I didn't like the time limits,but maybe if you can explorer on your own with no time or a long time limit.I really like the music and the dungeons.Would've been nice if there was a special attack for each character.The thing that I like about games is double controls,like in this one,you can use both W,S,A,D and Arrows (FUCK YES!) It makes a great minigame,a really great one.
Keep rolling,and as always,stay awesome.

I don't get why people says this is stolen. RotMG took their sprites from a free sprite back by oryx. Maybe it's a good idea to read at least the first sentence in the description before reviewing the game :P.