Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

I think that this is a great game for when you have a little time to kill. I just think there ought to be more classes to choose from.


10 secs are not enough for me, to fully enjoy playing it
The idea is good though

No time... Waaaaaa ! Speedy game... (o_O)" WTF ?!

A great game and an original idea, i don't think the deadlines are a problem, but it does make the game pretty hard, i am one who can't upgrade enough to beat the boss, but the game is fun and rather inovating. You should consider making a big game out of that, without the deadlines and in which you would go around villages, buy equips, face giant dungeons and gauntlets and face gargantuan 8-bit bosses, like a huge adventure, because this game mechanic works well for such kind of game.