Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

this game is a copy of realm of the mad god dude be orginal...

...please update this to be a real game, not this horrible 10 second crap. It has so much potential but its absolutely no fun to do it for only 10 seconds at a time.

This Has The Exact Characters As Realm Of The Mad God! I'd Rather Play Realm Of The Mad God!Why Does This Game Have Three And A Half Stars?!

Orni responds:

Please inform yourself at least for one minute before making such a post + rating
(the sprites aren't made by the 'realm of the mad god creator', but by a guy called Oryx long before that - I'm simply using the same sprite sheet - as do many other games, check 'legends of yore' for example)

Everything about this game is great. Absolutely no time for filler, and an amazing art style that really compliments the rush idea behind the game. I wish that there was more feedback for the warrior's hitswing, I couldn't tell if it was working or not at first. It's probably because I'm on a laptop, but after six tries, I still couldn't beat the boss. Mouse is a must.

Orni responds:

to be honest - the warrior is a bit unbalanced, at least in the boss fight he's clearly too weak
I added his attack game mechanic during the last minutes of the contest and hadn't much time to fine tune it. so that's how it turned out.
the other two classes are nicely balanced though
stay tuned - I might release a post-contest version of this game in the near future

Its a bit fun, made me want to play Realm of the mad god.