Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

I see a lawsuit from Realm Of The Mad God incoming- watch your digital back.
Anyways, great game.

Amazing game , and even made in 72 hours only! i have played RotMG and i know that you copied those sprites , but the game is incredible , i managed to do it with the archer , the third one i tried , and sincerely the warrior is somewhat unbalanced attacking , i cannot see if he attacks or not , anyways incredible game

These sprites were copied of Real of a Mad God!

Great game, funny fast and give challenge even if its ease to win.
4 stars because its impossible to win by knight (ironically he easiest get largest sum of money)

What name of that song you used, because Landon have soo much of it i can't find it.

Orni responds:

The song is named Skeleton Quest, you can find it here:

A very, very fun game. Probably one of the best Ludum Dare games I've played. Well done!