Reviews for "Dungeon Deadline"

i like the fighting thing but the deadlines are what annoy me i mean if it was like 30 seconds instead of 10 then it would be more joy-able so i give it 2.5

The game reminds me of Gauntlet for the NES, but what stops that lovely nostalgia from being experienced are the damned "deadlines". The "deadlines" are VERY annoying. They are akin to a gamebreaking bug, in-game adverts, and so on. You should go ahead and make this game on its own without the Ludum Dare shit, then and only THEN will I bother to play any more of this game.

Remove the deadlines and then I'll call it a game.

Awesome game, if anyone is interested in playing a MMORPG like this look up realm of mad god its like this but with many people and bosses.

This game is a good jumping off point also just damn addicting I loved playing it and didnt stop til I won this is a classic time waster thank you i would add more levels and maybe a new character just an expansion becuase its so much fun. good game.

Very Great game! The objective is simple and the soundtrack is awesome. Keep up the great work.