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Reviews for "Darkman Fight"

cool game bro

I seem to be stuck after fighting the first enemy... bug? can't seem to do anything other than bounce around.

gameplay 4/5 graphics 3/5 sound 3/5 overall 3/5

Meh. Game design hint: JUMP + FORWARD = JUMP FORWARD...not float lazily in mid-air and drift ass-backwards. Plus it would be nice to spend the fake money on something.

This game needs a lot of work to become something good.
The controls are really buggy and slow.
Jumping is a nightmare to control, and often in the middle of a swarm of enemies the guy would just stop responding and not punk or kick or anything. If you are standing directly on top of an enemy you can't hit them, but they can hit you. Basically all combat is exploiting the distanced kick attack because it is the only one that lands and doesn't ignore you when you push the button. It doesn't make the game very fun when all you can do to progress is exploit one attack that your enemies can't block over and over again. That being said, there is great potential here, it just needs a fair amount of work on the mechanics before it achieves greatness.