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Reviews for "Autobahn Bei Nacht"

wow i love this game i have no idea what the title means and the game is very simple but its challenging and fun i don't have any complaints other then make it longer. great job keep up the good work!!!

UltimoGames responds:

It means: Autobahn in the night :)
Back then I was still experimenting with game development, and worked on something for a short while. This turned out to be nice little demo, I'm glad you like it!

well, i am german and drive on the autobahn daily - although i couldnt survive your game for more than 30 secs, haha^^ i love the graphics! and the sound really reflects a rainy and relaxing night driving. keep at it and extend the game, i can hardly wait to see what more youre capable off! :)

UltimoGames responds:

Actually I made this game after I went to the 'oktoberfest' in Germany. I was driving towards Holland in the dark. It was quite the experience! After some hours I went into some sort of dreaming state.. All those lights and streaks.. I tried to recreate that :)
Someday, I will expand this game, but for now I'm working on other things.
Thanks for the feedback!

Analysis: The car is reasonable performance, handles reasonably well, though slightly sluggish. Brakes are abysmally far below standards and make the car harder to slow down than a cement laden double tractor-trailer combination. Noteworthy; the test drive was subject to surprisingly high levels of third-party idiocy. Clear skies, midnight.

Some things that come into my mind in the way of ideas: Gear shifting, switching highways/roads, stop-lights, and semi-trailer trucks. Doubtless these and more are likely already in the works since this is a demo, but here's my little input anyway. I like where this is going.

UltimoGames responds:

thanks for the review!

Ich gehe mal schwer davon aus, dass du deutsch bist.
Gefällt mir sehr gut. Das Styling ist gelungen, sehr passende Soundeffekte. Nur leider etwas eintönig. Mach aber unbedingt weiter, denn du hast Talent!
Daher 4 Sterne :)

UltimoGames responds:

nein, I am from Holland :) But driving on the actual Autobahn towards Oktoberfest inspired me to make this game! They sure drive fast in Germany!

This looks awesome, can't wait for a full game if there is one.

UltimoGames responds:

thx, I don't know if I ever going to make a full game out of it, it is hard to make bending roads and police cars chasing you. But it was fun to make this Tech demo :)