Reviews for "Mr. Moore's Last Seconds"


I agree with DFBlocks.

Games today need more story and characters you can actually start to care for. You know, a solid game that you can play and you never want it to end because the experience is so great that you get attached to it in some way.

A good example would be the game Bastion, I didn't want it to end, and I felt quite sad when it did. I would also say the Bioshock series, the story in that is great.

Great game by the way, amazing for only 72 hours of work.

5 stars.
These are the games we need.
People should stop trying to make the next big shooter or platformer and make one of these instead.
A story. Made into a game. Wonderful.

SpringMissile responds:

Sadly a belief that many don't have. :(

Oh my gosh...that was beautiful. I really love the music and voice acting, the game wouldn't have as much of an emotional impact without it.

A touching story, heart throbbing even.