Reviews for "Mr. Moore's Last Seconds"

this made me cry

Quite a good game, since you only had 72 hours to make it. The story is a bit shallow though. Like, in some games with sad stories in them, some players get emotional when the main character reaches his end. But with this game, since it wasn't very long, I didn't quite feel connected with Mr Moore as I did with other characters in other games. But overall, good effort and a good game. I like the idea of it too.

Simply put this game, dispute being short, was indeed a great story. The ending was one of the best(looks at Mass Effect 3) I've seen. I have so many emotions right now. :(

a buetiful game good job awsome story thank you it tells me to know something special and as always RAINBOWDASH AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sonicrainboom*

This Was Amazing, Simply Put. The Story Was Touching But A Little Shallow. With More Than 72hours To Work With Though, I'm Sure You Could Create A Little More Depth. The Ending Was Very Poignant And Serves As A Great Book End For Such A Beautifully Tragic Tale. Great Work.