Reviews for "Abandoned Projects Collab"

pretty dope that you decided to use our song! very greatful to be part of any collaboration on the site.

Very original idea. It's nice to see this get front page and good ratings. Sometimes original ideas aren't rewarded. I hope you do another one. I think most animators have a few abandoned projects they just couldn't finish. I know I do.

Dammit guys I wanted in this!

BoobMarley responds:

Perhaps you should have submitted content for it then.

Could really use something at the end, to show who did what, or have their user icons in the individual segments. Really awesome threading all of this together, and the song is quite apt!

Nice music choice. The unfinishedness really makes gives the cartoon an offbeat pace. It also has a real feel-good element too it. Many of these would never have seen the light of day on their own, but together they are an homage to the animators.