Reviews for "Causality"

this is wayyyy to hard how am i supposed to even do anything lmao.

Wow you guys are geniuses! I can't even get past the first level.

this game seems interesting enough but the hints aren't helping me at all, i've spent over 30 minutes researching to try to solve some of these, maybe its just me but it seems like the puzzles need to be a little easier for the general public or a walkthrough should be available somewhere, because i've only been able to solve 3

bimmister responds:

I find that a walkthrough renders the rest of the game a bit useless, but there are threads around on the internet that are working on this, here's one for example:

In general, the riddles all need some sort of a logical leap to reveal the answer, but some may not be as obvious as others.

Not a bad game but too damn hard! And the hints aren't helping.

this game is OK. I enjoy a challenge but some of these literally require like 20 minutes worth of work. To be honest, dont make the hints...RIDDLES :\. Hints should help you, not give you a riddle, either remove them, or just rework them. I gave you 3 stars instead of 5 simply because if i ignored the hints i was able to get a few of them, but with the hints even after knowing the answer, they kind of confused me.