Reviews for "Attack no Titan"

grat animation and ending music. its funny because its true

ehhh...sorta makes sense and sorta doesn't. the bodies jiggilng makes sense cuz thats called fat. if u see any person walking naked of course they'd sorta have flesh jiggle.

secondly mikasa doesn't need to be lectured, she's too badass for that. and the sun glistening on her face/hair was weak, u can't jab at someone for good art and animation

thirdly she doesn't have big anime eyes, they're smaller than the typically bigger ones and in comparison to cartoons, these eyes look just fine and not that different.

AngelXMIkey responds:

LOL blame JohnnyUtah, he wrote it XD

It's really good! And are the people here really comparing your animating skills to the official animation of Attack on titan? Attack on titan uses large amount of money for their episodes, this is just a fan base parody. And your animating skills is really good on newgrounds standards. Keep up the good work!

My second head likes this.

That was amazing, and it's extremely rare for me to give 10s