Reviews for "Attack no Titan"

I didn't like neither the script nor the animation to be honest :s
I thought this wasn't dynamic enough and overall it didn't make me laugh. If the humor is based around randomness, like in this one, it should be WAY faster, or else you won't feel the effect (and by "you" I mean "the audience", but it seems to include only me seeing all the good comments down there and people saying it was so funny and all)
Too bad, I was excited about the first SnK animation I finally see on Newgrounds... but unlike most people here, it didn't make me laugh.
Sorry :s (I don't like to put low scores, really)

I'd like to write a good critique, but it would bee too much good compared to the crap I've just seen there.
Also, about you lowpies that notice only how voice acting was terribad, why do you even care when dialogues were no better?
Btw, producer title at start and credits at the end are lovely.

The only thing I liked was the song in the credits.
This is a literal piece.
0/5 not funny
0/5 bad animation
0/5 poor voice acting
1.5/5 decent redo of original opening song for AOT.

Good script, but with the terrible animation. Should of waited for Utah to animate it

Terrible, audioleveling needs work, animation is awkward, and the voice-acting is obviously all done by one guy, if not - You need to get some better VAs.