Reviews for "Attack no Titan"

i have been following the manga from an aold time (before even annoncing the anime) and i hoped to see an animation for AoT on newgrounds (after the anime became a big hit) but i couldnt find any, but this one is good and kinda funny XP

btw i love the OP theme at the end :D

Ah, it was kind of slow and stupid at first, but it got better. The derp face was sexcellent.

I love Attack on Titan so i hafta like this.
Erren is funny cuz that's totally his attitude (minus how much of a bitch he can be sometimes)
and the other two are funny too (minus how much of bitches both of them are most of the time)
you should try more anime spoofs, it was funny and i bet you could make more funny stuff

I thought it was funny even though the voice didn't sound like me.
btw if I said that to Mikasa she would punch me.

This deserves a WAT