Reviews for "Attack no Titan"

Uh..Doesn't Eren have green eyes? How come he has brown in this?

Hah, very nice parody, but need more to improve the art a little more.

I have to agree with everyone else. This was a good flash with potential but the voice acting just threw watching the whole thing off. Hopefully the next installation sounds a whole lot better.

now that i watched attack on titans, i can finnaly re-watch this and GET most of the jokes ^^

still, i find it a bit ironic how EREN complains at mikasa how she just stands there and do nothing, since in fact , EREN is the one who just keep standing there having stupid inner monologues. while mikasa is allways on the move, killing titans...but that might be the joke, i dunno

also i love those little character references here and there ^^ those bunch of shonen anime main characters, misty, game grumps ^^

the animation was pretty good, i really liked the FBFs, very smooth
the last joke was kinda lame if you ask me, but the rest was good and funny ^^

in overall, very funny and enjoyable ^^

P.S i cant help but too laugh everytime i hear eren say "stop staring at me with those anime eyes" xD my favourite line^^

The trio. As charming as always. Nice work!