Reviews for "Attack no Titan"

All Those References xD!

Man, Mikey you've really improved in terms of animation and quality and it shows here.

The way the characters move their lips and faces look really smooth and not to mention I love the cameos made by other characters. I also love Johnny's voicework and scriptwriting in this. Pretty entertaining.

I saw a goku a naruto and a blue haired goku in the background it might have been a saskue idk but i know for a fact that i saw game grumps and thats awesome

Always laugh when I watch this,

Well I don't know if theirs a download link for the credit song but I made a remixed Version

For those who wanted one.

I love Attack on Titan so i hafta like this.
Erren is funny cuz that's totally his attitude (minus how much of a bitch he can be sometimes)
and the other two are funny too (minus how much of bitches both of them are most of the time)
you should try more anime spoofs, it was funny and i bet you could make more funny stuff