Reviews for "Attack no Titan"

This is super hilarious but also has anyone who made this even seen the anime or manga? This is frustrating to watch. Although the music at the end is great.

the song in the ends is just too beast!

now that i watched attack on titans, i can finnaly re-watch this and GET most of the jokes ^^

still, i find it a bit ironic how EREN complains at mikasa how she just stands there and do nothing, since in fact , EREN is the one who just keep standing there having stupid inner monologues. while mikasa is allways on the move, killing titans...but that might be the joke, i dunno

also i love those little character references here and there ^^ those bunch of shonen anime main characters, misty, game grumps ^^

the animation was pretty good, i really liked the FBFs, very smooth
the last joke was kinda lame if you ask me, but the rest was good and funny ^^

in overall, very funny and enjoyable ^^

P.S i cant help but too laugh everytime i hear eren say "stop staring at me with those anime eyes" xD my favourite line^^

good, but one thing i have to note:
mikasa is a cold blooded killer, that killed the highest amount of titans in the show (not counting eren giant-angry-motherfucker-mode).
even when she was young, other kids were like: HOLY FUCK RUN when they saw her.
just pointing it out.

That was something.