Reviews for "Attack no Titan"

aaahhhHHH mikaza no you are drunk go home!!!! D:

It's really good! And are the people here really comparing your animating skills to the official animation of Attack on titan? Attack on titan uses large amount of money for their episodes, this is just a fan base parody. And your animating skills is really good on newgrounds standards. Keep up the good work!

GOKU!!!! :D

That was pretty weak. The animation was sloppy and lacking in a particular stylistic direction, the voice acting was average and the script/dialogue was nonsensically boring. I wonder if the person who made this cartoon even watched/read Attack on Titan beforehand, as the characters say things to one another that they would never even consider within the confines of the actual story.

I'm pretty disappointed in JohnnyUtah, to be honest. I expect better of him :(

AngelXMIkey responds:

This was written right as the show started. And it wasnt written by me, it was written by Johnny Utah. I used this opportunity to practice my anime style.

I didn't like neither the script nor the animation to be honest :s
I thought this wasn't dynamic enough and overall it didn't make me laugh. If the humor is based around randomness, like in this one, it should be WAY faster, or else you won't feel the effect (and by "you" I mean "the audience", but it seems to include only me seeing all the good comments down there and people saying it was so funny and all)
Too bad, I was excited about the first SnK animation I finally see on Newgrounds... but unlike most people here, it didn't make me laugh.
Sorry :s (I don't like to put low scores, really)