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Reviews for "Match A Number"

Great game, but there's a major bug. If you clear the whole board in one chain, your browser will crash. Seeing as how the goal is to make the largest chains possible, it could become an issue.

Wow, it's very cool game. I really like original puzzle games. It's hard for me come up with this such idea. But it's very similiar to Stickets game as you said. I hope you mobile app will be awesome.
And one technical question: did you made any logic for task numbers? I mean target number always can be reached by game situation?

At first, I thought it was too difficult. I then thought it was too easy and then back to being difficult. At first, I basically just had to keep on finding new numbers. When you reach the 30 point mark, it's considerably harder. At least I managed to get that far. I am glad I am not taking a math class this semester.

Of course, this isn't the kind of thing you'd use one for anyway. I like all the bright colors used. Hard to suggest anything, as it doesn't look like it needs anymore. More people are used to math nowadays anyway. Numbers can be fun.

Great game, simple objective, simple gain.
Simple great.
oh and seeing how the game is laied out it seems that this can become a iphone/android game which is great also.

Over all i love it

This game is just awesome