Reviews for "Mystic Island 4"

That was so cool

That was the coolest shit i have ever seen


extremely funny make more more more!!!

GolemCC responds:

I've already said this is the last in the Mystic Island series. There will be no more Mystic Islands.

Fucking awsome

this was a great series i watched it all in one day and enjoyed every single minute of it i think u should make a game of some kind out of this plot!


That was funny! I loved the turned ased Norm battle. And the fan-mail.

very cool

figured id do one for the whole series. very cool. it seemed weird at first, but see the whole thing and give it a chance...and it is actually very clever and enjoyable. simple yet clever and well though out. especially all the Kubrick honors lol. and the song choice. the tetras theme, the Entertainer, lol when do you hear THAT in a flash animation? well done! and the greatest was the first killing sequence with the under appreciated Nirvana song Tourette's. excellent job if i do say so myself all the way around.