Reviews for "Mystic Island 4"


the only reason i LOVE this one is cause of the little pig

good shit

this series is really funny, and has style 2

Arynn you stupid idiot

Just cuz you dont like stick shows dosent mean its suckes cocksucker watch something else then


This peice of shit like all the rest of them is fucking retarded, stick figures are really stupid the only good ones are xiao xiao cause of its good animation but this had really sucky backgrouds,graphics,comedy and lacked all the things that a good flash needs. And wtf are all the guys on they gay?

lol u r great dude

the series you make ROCK and ehhh...the fact hat the graphics suck actually make ur movie alot nicer/funnier anyway somehow i'm looking forward to a #4 in your series.

-somehow ;)