Reviews for "Mystic Island 4"


I am really fucken drunk, but I iwill try to review your movie anyways.
I like how you made a bunch of flashes to future scenes. IT gave hints to viewers. Great foreshadwoing there. I've never seen that before, except for Fight Club, but you use it originally.
I like how you made fun of other forms of entertainment. Like how you had Number Four die in the beginning.
I don't like how you refered to the old RPG bull shit. Simpley because I played a few games like that, and it's fucken annoying, but I like how you made fun of it anyways.
The voice of Norm really sucked. It should have been more sinister or more original that that deep voice thing that was going on.
I also like dhow yuou made fun of idiots who can't follow plots in movies. Like when you made Sam all freakin out bwecause he didn't understand how Norm stole George's face.
I kinda hoped it just ended at how Sam just died. That whole arcade ending was bad.
Tetris is the shit and always will be. Great job, bro.

Very good finish

It was so funny when No 4 at the start was explaining the plot then got silenced. Good series dude.

sweest stick movie sesies evea!!!!!

so funnny with the squecky voices rpg look alike fights and the japanise comintary hillarous


These episodes are my all-time favourite NG movies! Btw Donar, I think the last 3 ppl are Sam, Dennis and Norm, although I could be wrong.

great and all

Its a damned good flash but theres a mistake
there only die 9+the last if he count.
The first one,(nr 5 i think) norm makes to a lamp or something in episode 1.
2 that guy who gets a coconut in the head.
3,4,5 those norms kills in episode 3 with sword,baseballbat and a string.
6 The guy dennis stop.
7 the guy who yells Guyys.
8,9 the surprise attacke.
and at last that guy who norm kills in the end.
thats only 10 out of 13...
im sorry if i revealed anything from the movie