Reviews for "Mystic Island 4"

Great Series!

This was a nice series! I enjoyed all the characters you had in Mystic Island. Was Dennis really gay? O_O That's just creepy... Anyways, I'm glad that Norm didn't kill Sam off. Tears would have been shed for the lost stick figure. :*-( Thank you for this great series!

There's So Much Hate In The World

Awesome! Yet you'd think the series should be continued...yet it seems finished. Every component for comedy was put into this! The ending sucked, but then made sense...in a weird sort of way. The RPG Battle was the best part of this. Also using the Tetris Theme for the final confrontation between Sam and Norm was perfection! Awesome job!

|| Good Points ||
*Graphics Enhanced a little bit
*Violence was Great!
*Ending...Weird, yet Nice.
*Very Humorous
*Side Characters got more Camera time

|| Bad Points ||

It ends like THAT?

Come one dude! that was the best out of them all! everyone died exept 13, norm, and sam.lolololol


Well the title sorta says it all, the entire series was perfect.

LOL... I showed this series to my little bro yesterday... he had a bad dream about Norm LOL.....

Everythings Perfect

So... good... Everything looks crap in comparison! If only all flash humour thingies were like this! Everything was great, great music, funny voices, great humour eg. RPG Norm, and brilliant characters. We here at *where Tesco-Value-Demon* lives loved this film. As to anyone who disliked this film, we say fu...