Reviews for "Mystic Island 4"

I love it!

Wow this is freaking good!I´vs seen all parts and i just can say:Woohoo!I love it!All the parts are Good and funny!Keep up the good work!

lol funny

i loved the whole series but this was just AWESOME funny, vilont and just plain wierd to the author(s) keep up the great work!


Extremely fun! You rock!

To the last review: No, it was number 5 who died in the first.

it was good but...

This was definetily the bes of the series but, didnt #13 die in the first? ow well it was good anyways. 9/10 cause of #13.

That was freakin' good!

That was great to watch so nice film, but there's only 1 thing- you could end it with a dramatic fight between Norm and Sam (i know it's not always so easy to do, but you could). But anyway- it was great :-)