Reviews for "LastMinuteGame : The Game"

Fun game with a cool idea.

I liked it ! It was the best "Ludum Dare" game I've ever seen. 5 points is well-earned for this game :D
Btw, it's spelled Saturday :D not "Satarday" :D.

Seppyb63 responds:

shhshshsshs don't tell people about my failings haha :D

This game is great!

5 starts for originality. I liked your games made from words within this game made from words... wait, what? Anywho, it wasn't an outstanding, all singing all dancing game. But it was original. It was made in 10hrs using only letters. And it mentioned Alphabet Spaghetti.

So yeah. It's different. It's "'""hipster""'". But it's cool. It's a fun little concept that made me smile. Also nice job using only moving text boxes in a game.

Here, I brought you some

Seppyb63 responds:

Oh wow, thanks alot man. It was fun to make. It was more building the backend functionality(which is where my code interest lies), then using it to make words do stuff.

That was really original, as short as it was, it kept me entertained and made me chuckle. Good job bro!

Seppyb63 responds:

Thank you :D,