Reviews for "Acid Bunny"

This is an awesome game, but I kept falling into scenes and not popping out the other way. For instance, tried to jump on a cloud and when the screen flicked to the ground, I did not land. I was lost in the in-between. Also for anyone who wants a little advice: after you get the picture in the bulls-eye areas, go back when you want to stock up on carrots. Hope this helps, gonna reload the game for the third time to see if I can finish without getting stuck in the in-between.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Going back into cleared "bulls-eye" areas to stock up on carrots is a great tip!

Sorry you gut stuck in the in-between on multiple occasions! I think it has something to do with the game's performance on different computers or browsers or something. It has happened to me maybe three or four times, and I've play-tested this game a million times! Again, sorry for that.

So glad you like the game and thanks for the nice score!

This is the most unique game I've played in long time. Keep up the good work!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you! So glad you like it! Thanks for the comments and the 5 stars :)

its a awesome game u should try to make it a arcad game for xbox360 xD and can i get a plushie ;w;

SeethingSwarm responds:

I wish I knew how to code games for xbox 360, but unfortunately my coding skills start and stop with flash. I don't really see myself as a coder, more of a game designer. The only reason why I've taught myself to code flash games is because of the shere desire to make them. If you can find me a decent programmer I would be more than willing... not so sure if I'd like to work with microsoft though. I've heard theyƤre real pains to work with. Anyway, thanks for the 5 stars and I'm so glad you like the game! :)

Oh, and about the plushies... My girlfriend made only one of each creature in the game. This includes Acid Bunny and all his friends as well as his siblings and mother. Those ones we'd actually like to keep. If you're willing to pay around 30 dollars for it, she might make you a plushie of your choice. I'm not sure if that's expensive or not, but considering the amount of time it takes her to make these plushies, she won't really make any money from it. Sorry :/

I played AB2 first then the first AB after, so i did it backwards but still had lots of fun doing
so. looking forward to AB3 in the future!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad the backwards playing was still fun! :) I'm not sure if there will be a third Acid Bunny :/

Due to the strange plot and drug-related theme, most sponsors want absolutely nothing to do with the game or their budget is too low. I've actually ran into some real financial trouble because of this and it's a miracle Acid Bunny 2 saw the light of day. It's a sad thing, but I'm glad I managed to get this game out there and I'm proud of it. It's so awesome that other people like it too.

Thanks for the nice comments and the 5 stars!

Hey! I just want to inform you that I am a critique in Newgrounds and I know all about gaming, so, I want to say that your game is top of my list, your games are Awesome, you are truly the best Author, sir.
- RighteousGamerGod

SeethingSwarm responds:

Wow thanks a lot! So glad you enjoy my games and thanks for the review and the 5 stars! Keep on critiquing! :P