Reviews for "Acid Bunny"

Acid Bunny AND Acid Bunny 2 are some of my favorite games on Newgrounds! I showed this game to my little brother and he was afraid of it, but then i let him play and he loved it! I love both of them but Acid Bunny 2 is my favorite (probably because of the volleyball) lol!

SeethingSwarm responds:

That's so nice to hear! I'm glad your little brother enjoyed it too :)
Thanks for letting me know how much you like the games. It was a lot of fun to make, especially because my girlfriend helped a lot with the story, character design, gameplay etc., and we just had a real fun time making these two games together.
Thanks for the 5 stars!

i love the story line and the game itself isn't bad i actually enjoyed this god game.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed this weird little game of mine, it was incredibly fun to make. Thanks for the comments and the nice score :)

Hahahahha!Funny game!Very funny storyline and very cute bunny!

SeethingSwarm responds:

So glad you like it and that you enjoyed the strange plot, storyline and cute bunny :P ...thanks for the 5 stars!


First I thought it's gonna be a game about a tripped bunny who must collect drugs or something like that, but when I played it, I understood that this is actually anti-drug game (well, almost anti-drug, because we can collect "magic mushrooms")!

This is really cool platformer. Running and jumping, flying on balloons and throwing carrots in hooligan siblings is really fun. Minigames are also nice.

Graphics are well done and music is epic (I love music in The Park level)!

Great gameplay, adorable graphics and happy music contrast with the disturbing story about drug-addiction and its consequences.

SeethingSwarm responds:

The music in The Park level is also my favourite :) ...thanks for the nice review and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. It was really fun to make. Oh and thanks for the 5 stars!

This is a fun game
He is the only one in the family ho is the hope for a good generation

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you like it! Thanks for the comments :) And yeah, poor Acid Bunny is the only hope to save his family name. Luckily he has a lot of good friends on his side, helping him through all of it.